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Painting And Staining

Turn Your DIY Project Into a Stress-Free Weekend

It’s the perfect time of year according to most who live here. The temperatures are mild and that means most of us are more interested in outdoor projects that, once finished, will give us something to enjoy come spring.

If you’re thinking about a painting project or staining your deck before winter hits, the one most important thing you can do is prepare. Whatever the project, do your research so you know what to expect for length of time, prep work, and list of supplies you’ll need. Be sure to check that list a few times because the death of most home DIY projects is forgetting one thing that you simply don’t want to run back to the store for.

Once you’ve determined all the basics, take an honest look at your schedule and the realistic likelihood that you’ll do the job to completion, that you’ll do it right, and that you have the time and energy to dedicate to it. We do home improvements to improve our spaces. If the final product is likely to instill frustration and dread, hire it out.

Interior and exterior painting projects come with a ton of additional work that, let’s face it, most people really don’t want to do. Scraping, fixing holes, taping, moving and covering furniture…by the time the prep work is done, you’re already exhausted. Our guess is that hanging over your stairway banister praying the ladder doesn’t give way isn’t the way you want to spend a Saturday.

We’re most well-known for our roofing and siding, and we’re sharing our best kept secret that we’re also really great at painting and staining. Free up your weekend, and your mind, by giving us a call to see how we can help finish up these pre-winter projects quickly and stress-free.


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