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The Beauty of Board & Batten Siding

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Sep 11, 2019 Posted by: Administration Board And Batten Siding James Hardie® Omaha Siding


You’re probably familiar with board and batten siding, even if you weren’t sure what to call it. You may have seen it all over Houzz, Instagram or Pinterest. You don’t have to go far to find board and batten siding racing the covers of design magazines or blogs.

Board and batten is “hot” right now.  Tevelde And Co. is fielding calls every single day to discuss siding options and board and batten is always at the top of the list. While it’s a hot trend right now, the style actually dates back a couple hundred years and that may be part of the appeal.

Inspired by Nordic European buildings, board and batten siding evolved in the United States as an alternative to the traditional log cabin. Colby, a Tevelde and Co. foreman, explains how traditional board and batten is constructed. “Board and batten siding starts with the installation of  wide vertical planks of siding, we join those together by thin vertical strips which are called ‘battens’. Those battens are what cover the seams up.”

Our forefathers liked the board and batten style because the technique was inexpensive, construction was relatively easy, looked great and was energy efficient.

Todd Tevelde, owner of Tevelde And Co. explains the process is very similar to what was done 200 years ago. Today, though, the battens are typically decorative, which gives home designers in the Omaha area lots of creative license.


Board and batten being used to accent the gable on a home in the Prairie Lane neighborhood.

Designers throughout the Omaha metro area use the the board and batten style because of its versatility to create a custom aesthetic for the homeowner. Home designers and decorators can adjust with the batten spacing, and incorporate other materials or siding profiles, to create both modern and more traditional looks. There are no rules with board and batten. Whether you are using wider spacing to achieve an elegant, modern look or a very tight batten spacing, anything goes. That’s the beauty of this type of siding.

In the Omaha area, Tevelde And Co. is using board and batten siding in two different ways: as the main focus of an elevation or gable detail. Board and batten is often used in conjunction with another James Hardie siding profile product like HardiePlank® lap siding. Again, there are no rules. The result of mixing different types of siding is often a more appealing design. Drive through any neighborhood in Omaha and it’s easy to spot the home with the James Hardie board and batten siding. They just stand out.

How Is Board and Batten Different Now?

Our forefathers used board and batten siding that was made of wood. They didn’t have a choice. Today, in 2019, we have options thanks to extensive research and development. Wood siding is vulnerable to the elements, moisture damage, termites, etc. and requires more ongoing maintenance to protect your investment.

Board and Batten siding is HOT right now. ~ Todd Tevelde

James Hardie is the leader in the development of fiber cement. Board and batten siding made from fiber cement is engineered to stand up to the harsh climate in Omaha. Whatever weather is thrown our way, the James Hardie board and batten siding will stand up to the elements. No worries, the James Hardie product also comes with an option for an authentic wood-grain finish, too.

Omaha designers love working with James Hardie products. They are comfortable they will be able to achieve the look their homeowners desire. Tevelde And Co. offers a variety of colors, textures and sizes that reflects the personal taste of the homeowner.

Tevelde And Co. will work closely with your insurance company, designers and the homeowner. The final design is only limited by your imagination. The board and batten design will protect your investment and improve your home’s curb appeal for years to come.