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Todd Tevelde

Faith, family and good hard work

Born in a small Dutch dairy community in Southern California, Todd grew up with hard work and Christian values. Values he has held onto through all the years and has worked hard to teach to his family.

Stepping out of that small community, Todd attended Arizona State University for a year, but found himself back in Chino, CA where he started Summerhill Dairy, the only goat dairy in Southern CA. He owned and operated Summerhill Dairy for nine fun years. During that time, Todd got married and his two sons Trey and Tristin were born.

After selling Summerhill Dairy, Todd and his wife, Veronica, and sons moved to the small town of Royal, Nebraska, where they owned and operated a small dairy for 3 years before moving to Omaha in 2003 so Todd could take a job with the Omaha Fire Department.

The nine and a half years Todd served on the Omaha Fire Department were great years as his daughter Victoria was born, and Trey and Tristin went through the fun years playing football and baseball. Knowing nothing about baseball, he coached both boys for three years each and their win percentage went from zero the first year to playoffs the last couple years. He ran a marathon in Napa for his 40th birthday with his mom and has traveled all over the world with Veronica’s Southwest flight benefits.

In 2013 with an offer to work for a local roofing contractor, he made the decision to leave the Omaha Fire Department and go into a line of work that he loved and still loves today. The industry is more to him than replacing a roof, gutters, siding or windows. It’s about relationships with customers that have just had their home, in most cases their biggest investment, destroyed or at the least devalued by a storm event. As most of their customers come to them as a result of storm claims, Todd is driven to be able to bring people through the insurance process and help them bring their home back to where they were before the storm in the simplest way possible. In an industry of stormchasers and fly-by-night contractors, he wants to be a trusted partner in his community and with the people that trust him with their homes.

Growing up in a family owned business and starting one himself that his children could join was always a dream. Having this opportunity has been the biggest blessing in his life. Teaching and watching Trey and Tristin succeed brings a smile to his face every day. Faith, family and good hard work: is there really anything else that is important?


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