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Tristin Tevelde

Active in the community, his families, and his church

Tristin was born in southern California, right in the middle of the dairy industry. His Father, Todd, ran a goat dairy selling milk to the famous Trader Joe’s. At the age of two his parents chose a new life in Nebraska. Tristin grew to become very competitive and the drive to win fueled him to love sports. He played football, baseball, lacrosse, ran track, and threw discus. Always believing the Lord had a big future for him and eager to get his feet wet, he graduated early and spent what would be his last semester of high school in the country of El Salvador in a discipleship/missionary training program. Turning down potential of leadership with the program after graduation, he moved into the coffee industry, where he became a coffee snob (You can still find him grinding his own beans most mornings before heading out to help customers!)

Six months after his official high school graduation and desiring more adventure, he moved to Sydney, Australia, bringing a couple suitcases and guitars. He pursued the Lord through songwriting and theology courses at Hillsong International Leadership College. Growing in craft, maturity, and leadership/management, he loved the thrill of a new world around him. He loved the adventure so much that he even went free climbing, which didn’t turn out so well! He grabbed a loose rock, falling off the cliff and shattering his jaw on the way down. Many fake teeth and much metal in his face later, his smile looks close enough to the original!

After a year of studies, he graduated with a Cert IV in Ministry. Carrying God’s heart for the church back home with him, he began leading a house church ministry, as well as leading worship in a few other groups. With the start of roofing season, he had to step back from leading the house church to best care for our customers the way they need. He still leads worship and loves his church, The Gathering Place Valley. Through the church, he has been able to connect with a non-profit called the Kings Garden, which restores family and community, especially with kids, in a tougher small town.

Toward the end of 2017, his life hit an all-time high when he was lucky enough to marry his beloved Olivia in San Diego, California. They have since adopted two puppies, stayed involved with the King lake kids, and been active in the community, their families, and their church.

When you meet him, feel free to ask him about any of the places he’s lived and things he’s done. He loves to share what he’s learned!


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