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Protect your most valuable asset

Everyone loves a beautiful home and the thing protecting it more than anything is the roof and siding. We realized they are often not the place people look first, or see most, but they need to be installed correctly and with good materials. At Tevelde and co. we can put any materials you desire on your roof, but we do prefer to use the top rated, heaviest materials in each class of shingles. If you are removing wood shakes you would want a certainteed presidential, malarkey Windsor or davinci type shingle. I its three tab or architectural shingle and you like more definition a landmark will be your choice, if you like a muted color, IKO or Malarkey will be your go to. We love helping people find a shingle that fills their needs, and one that we know will last as we do a 7 yr workmanship warranty.

Companies don’t usually say this and some have even said you won’t find a nail or piece of trash after they are gone, but it is construction and sometimes its construction while hanging from a harness. During the removal process, there will be nails and trash around the house. Did you know the average west Omaha house is approximately 30 squares? Each of those squares has appx 51 shingles, which is over 200 nails per square and with the cap nails that hold down the felt, close to 250 nails a square, about 7500 nails on an average roof. We nail roll the yard and driveway, but some get wedged in cracks or between landscape rocks. If nails are found we want a call to go back and roll with the magnet and go through the landscaping. We can’t change the process, but we can go through it with the customer to make it the best it can be.


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